Review of Singapore’s Wedding Photography Studios

Here’s a quick review of some of the top wedding photography studios in Singapore.

Firstly, it would be Bloc Memoire. A highly popular wedding studio in Singapore, the firm is headed by 3 main photographers. These photographers may either go by themselves, or with each other (usually for actual day weddings) and take wedding pictures for couples. You can check out their website here – I think their images look pretty dream like, and quite soft. Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of such photographs as I prefer wedding pictures which are more vivid, life like and with strong saturation. However, their photographs are absolutely perfect for couples who prefer such a feel to their wedding photos. All 3 photographers are located in Singapore, so you can reach out to their studio and one of them should reply to you in a relatively timely manner!

Secondly, it would be Grandeur Wedding Studio – A recently founded studio by famed entrepreneur Alvin, Grandeur has quickly risen through the ranks of wedding studios in Singapore. It was however only recently that I stumbled upon their website when I was browsing the web for beautiful wedding photography, and was absolutely blown away by how vivid and strong their photos look. Of course, as mentioned earlier, everyone has different tastes – it’s just that Grandeur Wedding Studio’s style happened to be appealing to me! Anyway, do note that Alvin is not the photographer, and is simply the visionary behind the company. I’m not too familiar with their story anyways, but their portfolio looks stunning. Go check them out if you’re intending to hire a wedding photography studio in Singapore.

Third of all, if you like overseas wedding photography, but you want to hire a photographer from Singapore, then look no further than Nat Studios. Having won many stunning awards, you can safely say that Nat Studios is a safe choice if you want an overseas wedding photography experience with a Singapore photographer(s).

In conclusion, the above 3 are among the very best wedding studios in Singapore, and I highly recommend that if you’re going to hire a wedding photographer from Singapore, please hire either one of them (depending on your personal tastes and preferences for the type of wedding pictures you and your spouse prefer/want). Have a pleasant day ahead, cheers.

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Interesting Singapore Wedding Photographs

Every couple wants to be different, every bride wants her wedding to be perfect. Here are some interesting suggestions to you, and some unique locations in Singapore which you may want to explore for your wedding photography.

  1. Upper Pierce Reservoir
    If I had to describe the type of photographs taken at Upper Pierce Reservoir for couples, I would simply say breathtaking. It is a very gorgeous place with few people around, making it a wonderful spot for a beatiful looking wedding photograph in Singapore. Additionally, you do not need to squeeze with the crowd nor wait for people to move away before you can actually have your wedding picture taken.
  2. Tuas Lalang Fields
    No one would usually think of going to Tuas for wedding photography, and that’s what makes it so special. Look at the following photograph, it looks so pretty I cannot believe it’s in Singapore, and especially in Tuas!
    Tuas Lalang Wedding Picture
    Known popularly as the industrial region of Singapore, Tuas has truly beautiful lalang fields which make a gorgeous place for a wedding photo backdrop.
  3. Botanic Gardens
    An absolute hot favorite other than Gardens By The Bay, Botanic Gardens is very attractive to most couples who are looking to take their pre-wedding pictures in Singapore.

As you can possibly tell from the above suggestions, I love outdoor wedding pictures. I think they look that much better than those taken in front of buildings – not as nice. This is my personal opinion. You can check out my suggestions and consider them, they’re not frequently visited places, especially for the first two suggestions. For people who hate crowds and squeezing and prefer the outdoors and open spaces, the above are ideal locations for you and your spouse to have your photographs taken at. If you need a photography studio recommendation, check out Grandeur Wedding Studio, they take pretty images.

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Bikini Wedding Photography Trend?

Bikini wedding picture

Do you think that the bikini wedding photography trend will continue and take off? Or have you even heard of it? There is a recent trend starting in Asia where brides and grooms are wearing swimwear for their wedding photographs. Some have even gone more extreme and wear nothing for their photo shoot. However, for our purpose, let us talk about those couples who put on bikini to take their wedding photograph.

Although this trend started in Asia, personally, I have not seem the trend become mainstream yet in Singapore. I guess this is because the culture in Singapore is generally more conservative (for the general public), and that is why they have not picked up this bikini wedding photography trend yet. Shanghai is getting ‘cutting edge’ when it comes to wedding photographs and their lifestyles.

Check out this link below to find out more about this bikini wedding photo trend:

If you’re looking for a good wedding photographer in Singapore, then I highly recommend (if you want outdoor pre-wedding photo shoots) to look for, they’re among one of the better wedding photography studios in Singapore.


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